Is the 3D world real?

3D modelIf you want to think about the future of a city, 3-D is better than 2-D. You can see how streets, buildings, and transportation fit together in ways maps can’t really show you. That’s why developers have long developed physical 3-D models of their plans. Better to show the world what’s coming.

The step forward with 3-D planning software like CityEngine, a sophisticated tool from the GIS giant Esri, is the ability to conceive the urban environment on-the-fly. You want a bike lane? Press a button. You want to take out the bus rapid transit? No problem. Previously such re-modeling would take days and weeks, if it could be done at all.

The tool was originally developed for movies (it’s been used for films like Total RecallCars 2, and others). Now it’s widely employed in city planning departments. For example, Austin, Texas,created plans for its sustainable places project with it, including visualizations of a new urban rail system.

There are other examples such as CyberCity, 3D-GIS, Virtual Terrain among others. Why not try your hands join one sand make your hands really dirty? I have used it a couple of times and believe me it’s really cool. Its just a way of becoming a geo-prophet that tells the people and government what your area will be like in years.


Your GIS Career and Job Orientation

what we doSalary site released the results of its 2014 college survey that looks at which college majors pay the best and are the most meaningful.  The survey was developed from 1.4 million respondents to its PayScale Salary Survey which collects data about  jobs, compensation, employer, demographics and educational background.

So what did those who majored in GIS report about their career status?

In terms of earning potential, GIS ranked 120 out of 207 majors with an early career salary of $41,800 and a mid-career salary of $67,900.  Out of 193 majors, GIS ranked 81 on the list with 69% of respondents recommending the major to others.  The survey also questions respondents about the meaningfulness of their jobs, asking if they felt like their job made the world a better place.  GIS ranked 118 out of 207 majors with less than half (48%) responding “yes” to that question.

GIS Managers and GIS Analyst made the list for common jobs for social science majorswith 46% of managers and 41% of analysts holding a geography degree.

GeoCabal Plans Monthly Map Contest in FUTA.

we love mapsWith focus on the mission statement of GeoCabal which is to promote the awareness of geospatial technologies in Nigeria and open the enthusiasts of the field to opportunities which is right for them. Based on this, GeoCabal has decided to start a monthly map contest where interested contestants are required to send in their embellished maps with a summary of what is being done. The maps will be judged based on the principles of map making and the social relevance which the map owner can convince us about. For more information call Ayodele on +234 (0)8163174143 or send him a mail on with subject title Geocabal Map contest.