#GeoGeeksByNature Talks

This year, I have a mandate to mentor ten (10) people who are interested about geospatial technologies and are willing to take the bull by the horn to learn and become GeoGeeks. While thinking of an approach to make the mentoring efficient, another idea came and was for me to have a #GeoGeeksConnect that brings geogeeks into talking about latest news, technologies, applications and new ways of approach to different problems. I have a type of model that I like that the #GeoGeeksInCars model used by GISuser.com.

I am now planning to have my first #GeoGeeksByNature on February 29, 2016. At the moment, I will  be connecting with Akande Adeoluwa (Currently undergoing a Masters GIS programme under the Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Portugal), he will be joining me with Ojumu Tijesu and we will be discussing the latest drone2map add-in for ArcGIS and the similar technology for QGIS, Google location Timeline (That amazes me) and also about GIS companies and capacity building in Nigeria.

This is supposed to be the first edition.. I  am not scared to do this new thing ‘cos all i have to do is #Talk.

Details on time and medium will be made known very soon.


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