#FGP1: Best #geoposts of the week

I have started making making a weekly archive of my most intriguing and interesting blog posts for this week ending today 27/02/2016.

I ready quite over 50 different blog posts across over 10 blogs and I have selected the ones I can’t but share with you. So my Favourite GeoPosts aka FGPs as I will call them from now centred around ESRI, Google, Books and NOAA

The first is the story of how NOAA Satellites saved 250 lives in 2015. This head line got me when I saw it and the story selected for the success point makes it worth the position. I was wondering how meteorological and oceanographic satellites could do this.. I am sure you are thinking about that right now. I got the article on http://www.gisuser.com ¬†with this title “NOAA satellites helped saved 250 lives in 2o15“.

The second slot goes to my best geo-firm and¬†model company- ESRI. It is the news about the unveiling of the insights for Arcgis. I loved it because it provides me a solution to a new set of clients across different sectors. I am sure that it will encompass some enterprise tools that will extend the geospatial knowledge around business intelligence. Interested? Check it out on the ESRI blog with the title “That Aha! Moment- Turning Geographic Data into Insights”.

This third one is a very innovative and brain tasking one. Elementary geography taught us about Latitudes and Longitudes, the GIS brought in Geocoding. Now, I learnt that the pixels of my picture can predict my location. This is core machine learning based on the data they have been able to gather. Mehn these guys are something else!!!!! You can read it up on the geoawesomeness website with title :“Google will tell you where the picture was taken using just pixels”.

Indoor mapping has also been a point of consideration for me as there are quite a lot that can unroll from it e.g Smart guide for the visually impaired, indoor robotics etc. Now Google has decided to make bring tango to the hands of everyone with a Lenovo smart phone. Geoawesomeness reported that in their post titled “Google and Lenovo showcasing tango at MWC in Barcelona”.

Yeah so the fifth one is meant for those who are looking forward to making the best mapd of this generation. It is a post on the books every aspiring geogeek and expert cartographer needs to get. You can check it out on geoawesomeness too with this title “5 Books and Atlases you need to have in your maps shelf”

I hope you will enjoy reading through these posts.