We Cry Location ‘cos we lack Geocodes

Now the saying “everything is somewhere” is an evolving talk in this technology era making the location based startups and solutions worth investment. The ability for organizations and individuals to relate with the real world abstractly is based on their ability to understand the locational phenomenon. This understanding has been well leveraged upon to create an industry that is worth $20bln as at 2015.

But most of this solutions have been ineffective in most developing nations and cities that are crowded but building patterns are not well planned to the level that conventional addressing can be adopted. An example of this scenario is in Lagos, Nigeria where over 70% of the buildings do not have an up-to-date addressing. This is due to the building patterns as well as the public negligence. In these communities, tech startups that are highly dependent on proper addressing and geocoding systems for efficient service delivery are developing across different niches e.g. Health, E-commerce, Logistics, travels, food service etc.

In Nigeria, the likes of Konga, Jumia and Max.ng are having real issues in making house to house delivery and also delivery of goods to the right locations. A Solution such as What3Words would have been efficient but it has not been able to solve the issue of a building based addressing system. A system that will assign a unique code  and identifier for each house within an identified area, these code will be assigned against the latitude and longitude of the building.

This concept has been idealized and it is sure to work based on the conceptualization.

I hope to pitch this to people who might be interested in working with me on this; As of now I have spoken to  Olusola Amusan, Tomiwa Ijaware and Dami Sonoiki as well as my team of partners: Tijesu, Wale and Ayomide.